BELITEX® screed systems

BELITEX® screed, a reliable and robust solution

The BELITEX® self-levelling screed, formulated using a cement-based functional binder, is a robust and efficient technology that maintains rheology for 3 hours.

The BELITEX® solution:

• centrally controlled industrial manufacturing,
• used, tried and tested by numerous BELITEX® approved applicators,
• is fully compliant with British standards BS EN 13813 (Screed materials and floor screeds) and BS 8204-7 (pumpable self-smoothing screed – code of practice),
• and distributed to sites in mixer trucks by the network of Tarmac plants,
• placed by Tarmac approved screeding contractors.

BELITEX® technical specifications

Moisture resistant: can be used in wetrooms

Thermal conductivity: 1.7 W/m.K (higher than conventional screeds)

Flexural strength: up to f4

C 16
C 20
C 25

Working time: 3 hours from the start of production

Fire rating: M.O. (non-flammable)

Ideal for underfloor heating systems

The screed is designed for indoor use. No need to sand before applying floor covering