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1. BELITEX® MATADUR specific additive for BELITEX® TA screed


BELITEX® MATADUR is a liquid additive used as a surface hardener for the screed.
BELITEX® TA is based on the BELITEX® LT binder.
BELITEX® MATADUR is sprayed directly on the surface of the BELITEX® TA screed after it has been cast and initially debubbled, and just before it is finally debubbled by broom.

Directions for use:

  1. Quantity: approximately 1.5 litres for 20 sq m
  2. Apply no more than 30 minutes after initially debubbling with the dappling bar.
  3. Then perform two passes with the broom within no more than 30 minutes to ensure that the BELITEX® MATADUR penetrates thoroughly

Download the BELITEX® MATADUR technical data sheet
Download the BELITEX® MATADUR safety data sheet


2. CHRYSO provided testing and laying equipment

Download the testing and laying equipment list